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John Evans, D.D.S. offers a full array of periodontic services to help you maintain healthy gums. Some of the different procedures he offers are as follows:

  • Gingivectomy- Involves removal of gum tissue to allow access for restorations or to restore normal architecture of enlarged gum tissue.


  • Scaling and Root Planing-Subgingival scaling removes the plaque and tartar from below the gum line and root planing smoothes the tooth root and helps the gums re-attach to the tooth.


  • Osseous surgery- This procedure reshapes the bone and removes any infection and defects related to bone loss and periodontal disease. Sometimes a bone graft is placed to help new bone regenerate and fill in where the bone has been lost.


  • Soft Tissue Graft-(Gum Recession) This is when the "cuff around the tooth" is loose and the root is exposed. This procedure involves placing a piece of gum tissue and attaching it to the area where the tissue has receeded. Once the graft heals, it covers the exposed tooth root.


  • Crown Lengthening-If a tooth is fractured or decay extends below the gum line, this area must be uncovered before it can be restored. If it is not, it can trap bacteria or proper attachment will not occur.  A Crown lengthening procedure reshapes the gum and supporting tissues and will solve these problems allowing a final restoration to be placed in a healthy environment.


  • Periodontal Maintenance-Once your periodontal disease is brought under control with treatment, it is very important that you get regular periodontal maintenance care.  Periodontal maintenance is deeper than a normal cleaning in the dental cleaning. With regular maintenance, these patients can help ensure their gums stay healthy.